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"20 years obz – Innovative from experience"

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"No time for international conventions and fairs?"

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"Suspension Sraying in the Field?"

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" Innovation starts in your mind!"

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Expert competence group for our customers!

obz innovation gmbh sets the course with an expert competence group within surface and material technologies.

As of late the scientific expert Prof. Dr.-Ing. Kirsten Bobzin amends the development competence of obz! The combination of material science and practical experience combined with universal range of services enables innovative coating development for our customers.

The combination science, state-of-the-art application technology and practical test in obz serial process is singular within the branch. Modern CNC turning and milling centers complete our spectrum up to complete manufacturing.

Your additional advantages:
  • The producibility of any manufacturing idea can be tested on short notice
  • Our team consisting of material and manufacturing specialists develops intelligent solutions
  • Our experience and knowledge of the new markets
  • A development partner specialized in serial production
  • obz with experts and an image fascinating even our customers

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"Don´t try this at home"

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Intelligent Solutions need enough space!

New technical center for our customers!

obz innovation gmbh invests in a new technology center to further strengthen its development competence! In our branche the combination of latest technology to develop new applications for thermal spraying and cold spraying is singular. These application are reviewed in the own serial production.

Three state-of-the-art cold spray systems as well as the complete spectrum of conventional thermal spray processes mean highest flexibility to develop the most effective and most economical solution. Modern CNC turning- and milling machine centers enable the complete manufacturing of parts.

Your additional advantages:
  • Each idea can be realizied on short notice
  • Intelligent solutions are found within a team of experts
  • Our experience and knowledge about new markets
  • A development partner with focus on serial production

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"Ideen umsetzen und Neues entwickeln"

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Advance by faster development

obz innovation is the most frequently chosen development partner for thermal sprayed and cold sprayed coatings.

What is your benefit? New ideas and rapid realization offer unexpected opportunities in the versatile application field of thermal sprayed coatings. This can be promised to you because the latest thermal spray technologies are available at obz innovation.

Besides the classic processes as HVOF- , wire and powder flame spraying or plasma- and arc spraying the state-of-the-art processes are in use: Liquid-fuel spray technology (GTV-K2 HVOF) – 3-cathode-plasma process (SULZER-METCO-TRIPLEX-PRO-200) – Cold Spray technology (CGT-KINETIKS-8000-HP).

This universal range of thermal spray processes enables obz innovation to rapidly realize new ideas for functional coatings.

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"Keine Zeit verlieren"

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CNC Turning Centre – Complete Manufacturing for our Customers

obz innovation gmbh continues investing in latest technologies!

A state-of-the-art CNC-vertical-turning centre with driven tools enables a higher degree of vertical integration from November on. Workpieces - diameter up to 1.000 mm and a length up to 870 mm - are manufactured mechanically with highest precision.

Your additional advantages:
  • Shorter production times
  • Higher flexibility concerning delivery dates and changes of delivery dates
  • Complete manufacturing of workpieces with thermal sprayed coatings
  • Price reductions, among others by less external labour and raw material store

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We perform better

Investment encourages innovations:
To ensure, that innovation is constantly accompanied by quality, we invest in the quality sector continuously.

Henceforth a camera system is available for quality assessment in particular for serial production. Also new is a 3D measurement system as well as a state-of-the-art device to measure the electrical conductivity of thermal and cold sprayed coatings.

obz innovation gmbh – innovative in development and quality.

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High performance cold gas technology.

Cold gas technology with highest performance KINETIKS-8000-HP in serial production

At obz innovation gmbh the latest cold gas technology, the KINETICS-8000-HP is available now. This coating device enables higher deposition rates, shorter coating times and better coating qualities at consistent process reliability.

A further advantage of this state-of-the-art system is the expansion of the material spectrum usable for cold spraying. Higher refraction materials like nickel, titanium, niobium, tantalum or inconel can be applied with better coating quality.

Thus new application areas are enabled as base for further innovations in cold spray.

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"Innovationen schaffen Arbeitsplätze"

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