Our skills for innovation are evident - not only in the cold spray technology. Worldwide we were the first coating service provider who introduced the cold spray technology. There are many other areas obz is pointing ahead: we as a coating service provider were in the lead with the introduction of the three cathode plasma spray technology TriplexPro-210. Their advantages - in terms of higher deposition rate, good transfer efficiency and excellent layer structure - have been recognized and implemented by us.

Other important milestones in the development of the company were developing projects that we, partly in cooperation with various universities and institutes, carried out. Our customers come from a wide variety of business sectors: automotive, textile, pumps or household industry.

One of the most important prerequisite for development is to analyze the produced layers in-house. Since 2000 we have a high-tech laboratory where all relevant layer criteria can be studied - even the new shear test (DIN EN 15 340) is available.

Since 2013 there is the possibility to perform chemical experiments in a specially equipped laboratory. Undoubtedly, we are a strong partner when it comes to the development of new layers and applications – especially when the latest system technology, such as the cold spray technology or the three cathode plasma technology, is required.