In recent years, we have continually expanded our expertise in the field of thermal spraying and today we are a coating service provider that offers all the conventional methods of thermal spraying as well as the cold spray technology. In addition, we use the most modern machining methods and handling processes - thus we are able to produce complete components.

Manufacturing and coating of single parts require a high degree of quality awareness, flexibility and expertise. Our unique strength is that we not only treat single parts according to these aspects but also produce each serial part with the same care. By using automated and semi-automated processes, we are able to produce large series in unmatched quality.

Extraordinary products require extraordinary devices. Due to our extensive range of machinery we cannot only manufacture components - we also produce devices, fixtures or covers to coat or process the components efficiently.

Highest quality and process reliability are guaranteed by our qualified staff and a high-tech laboratory equipped with the latest analytical and measuring systems. All relevant layer properties and component dimensions can be detected, measured and monitored during the series process. By manufacturing our products cost-effectively and with the highest standards, we offer our customers a unique competitive advantage.