Corporate history

  • 2019-2021

    obz innovation gmbh is an important system supplier in the field of e-mobility. New capacities were created with modern production lines. New coating solutions from self-development also go into production.
  • 2018

    For the new thermal spray process “suspension spraying”, the first large scale serial production application is set up.
    As one of the most selected development partners for coating solutions in the field of thermal spraying, cold gas spraying and suspension spraying, further projects have been initiated.
  • 2017

    The production is increasingly characterized by new products from in-house developments and results from publicly funded research projects. obz innovation becomes a system supplier for e-mobility automotive applications, the strongest growth market.
  • 2016

    obz innovation is not only in practice the most chosen development and serial production partner for new coating solutions. Also in several national and international public funded research projects, the partnership of obz is sought and found. With a technical center, that offers meanwhile next to conventional thermal spraying and cold gas spraying also suspension spraying.
  • 2015

    Testing of a new technology, the suspension spraying. Another innovative spray technique complements the technical center of obz. Thin and dense ceramic and metallic coatings in the range of 5-50 µm enables completely new fields of application for thermal spraying.
  • 2014

    obz innovation gmbh encourages talents and allows career changers a new profession in the field of thermal spraying. Developing, testing and implementing of own ideas in a highly motivated, young and modern team of specialists. The basis for new ideas and innovation in the field of applied spraying techniques.
  • 2013

    Our department of application development drives the innovation. An expert group consisting of materials and process specialists develop innovative coating solutions. The combination of science, technology and practical application of the latest test series is unique in the industry. Of currently 45 employees, offers a development team of 10 persons the opportunity to examine each idea for feasibility.
  • 2012

    Obz invested in a new technical center; thereby we are strengthening our skills in developing new applications and we also provide young engineers a start for their careers.
  • 2011

    Manufacturing at obz fascinates also. A state-of-the-art CNC-Vertical-turning centre with driven tools enables a higher degree of vertical integration. obz develops to a company offering the complete manufacturing of parts with thermal sprayed coatings inclusive machining. obz – innovative in development, manufacturing and quality.
  • 2010

    Innovations set new levels of quality. A modern camera system for quality assurance of thermal sprayed coatings is available at obz. New is a 3D-measuring device as well as the assessment of the electrical conductivity of thermal sprayed coatings. Also in 2010 the most frequently chosen development partner in the field of cold spraying is obz.
  • 2009

    Time for a business transformation. With obz innovation gmbh the former OBZ Dresel & Grasme GmbH gets a new appearance. The investment into new technologies will continue. A cold spraying unit of the latest generation, the KINETIKS- 8000-HP, opens new vistas.
  • 2008

    One of the company's founders Dieter Grasme retires and leaves the company at the end of the year, along with dormant partner Jörg Dresel. With the now strengthened management Ingo Dresel, Sven Hartmann and Eberhard Schopp the trend-setting and innovative development of OBZ is continued.
  • 2007

    OBZ establishes itself with innovative coating solutions for growth- and future markets such as: wind energy, hybrid drives and induction cookware. Application development and serial coating for ecologically-minded products follow.
  • 2006

    OBZ invests in the mechanical after treatment of sprayed coatings. Due to the two new grinding machines a new era begins; additional services for customers can now be provided in-house. The machinery outfit is modernised with two new plasma spraying units. With the three-cathode-technology OBZ advances to the top of the plasma-coating field.
  • 2005

    International Thermal Spray Conference in Basle. OBZ attends the conference with a booth, technical contribution and factory tours. OBZ wins the "René Wassermann"-Prize. This prize is awarded every three years to the most innovative company in the field of thermal spraying.
  • 2004

    OBZ was granted the Rudolf Eberle- prize, an award for innovation given from the German Federal State Baden-Württemberg, for the worldwide first series production of cold sprayed layers.
  • 2003

    First cold spraying order for serial production. To optimize the heat dissipation for PC-processors, aluminium cooling elements were coated with pure, solderable copper.
  • 2002

    OBZ is the first job coater in the world to install a cold spraying unit. The coatings generated by this technology on a purely kinetic basis offer properties that are unachievable by any other spraying process.
  • 2001

    Installation of a liquid-fuel spraying unit, to produce premium carbide coatings and metal coatings.
  • 2000

    Startup for the in-house laboratory to analyse the production quality and develop new coatings and applications.
  • 1999

    OBZ is certified to DIN ISO 9002, further expanding the business' capability towards premium coatings produced in serial.
  • 1998

    OBZ receives the GTS-Certificate from Gesellschaft Thermisches Spritzen and with it shows its technical competence in the field of thermal spraying. OBZ established as a good partner for the development of sprayed coatings and functional component surfaces.
  • 1997

    Founding of OBZ Dresel & Grasme GmbH by the brothers Jörg and Ingo Dresel, together with Dipl. Ing. Dieter Grasme. The company emerges out of the department - surface technology - from UTP Schweißtechnik GmbH in Bad Krozingen.