In order to continue to be state of the art and always a little ahead we work with universities and research institutes in close cooperation and we also participate in numerous publicly funded research projects. Through this practice-oriented research, we can apply the results of research projects into a market ready solution.

The "last step" for our team of engineers and scientists is to implement the obtained results into a stable coating process.

One of the most important prerequisite for development is to analyze the produced layers in-house. Since 2000 we have a high-tech laboratory where all relevant layer criteria can be studied - even the new shear test (DIN EN 15 340) is available. Since 2013 there is the possibility to perform chemical experiments in a specially equipped laboratory.

In 2002 we were the world’s first coating service provider installed a cold spray system. In 2004 we received the “Dr. Rudolf Eberle Innovation Award of the State of Baden-Wuerttemberg” and in 2005 the “René-Wassermann Award” for the world's first series production of cold sprayed coatings. We are present on almost all the major conferences in the field of thermal spraying and cold gas spraying. Mostly we present the results of our scientific work there.