Thermal Spraying technology

hvof High velocity oxy-fuel spraying (HVOF)

  • Combustion of flammable gases
  • Acceleration of gases in a nozzle (HVOF = High Velocity Oxygen Fuel)
  • The powder particles are accelerated to very high velocities (up to 800 m/s)
  • Powder partially melts in the flame

  • Dense coatings
  • High quality coatings
  • Excellent coating material connection
  • Reliable process

  • electrical and thermal insulating coatings
  • Protection against corrosion
  • Protection against wear
plasma Atmospheric plasma spraying

  • Spraying technology with high thermal energy and high temperature
  • Only spraying material in powder form usable
  • High investment costs and operating expenses

  • High coating quality achievable, especially suitable for highmelting-point materials, primarily ceramics

Material for thermal spraying:
  • Spray wires
  • Spray powders for flame- and plasma spraying
  • Spray powders for HVOF spraying
  • Self fluxing alloys
  • Ceramic spray powders

  • Premium coating system for aircraft turbines
  • Components for textile machines, pulp- and paper machines and printing machines
  • Hydraulic engineering

Triplex pro plasma spraying
  • 3 Cathode technology with 3 independent arcs
  • Stable High throughput increases productivity
  • plasma arc across a wide range of gas flows, gas mixtures, and pressures
  • Sprays all types of powder materials
  • Thick and dense layers
  • Stable and reproducible results
Pulverflammspritzen Powder flame spraying

  • All-purpose, cost effective spraying technology (UNI-SPRAY-JET/ MINI-SPRAY-JET)
  • Only filler material in powder form usable

  • Almost all filler materials, including ceramics processible
  • No air pressure needed
  • Low investment costs

Application :
  • Repair coatings
  • Protection against corrosion
  • Wear protection
drahtflammspritzen Wire flame spraying

  • Cost-effective spraying technology for the manufacture of metallic coatings
  • Only filler material in wire form usable

  • All sprayed particles are melted thoroughly
  • High deposition efficiency

Spraying materials:
  • Miscellaneous carbon-, chrome- and chromium-nickel steels, bronze, zinc, copper, molybdenum, nickel and aluminum-nickel etc.

  • Repair of worn out machines
  • Protection against corrosion
  • Wear protection with molybdenum
LichtbogenspritzenArc spraying

  • Spraying technology with high deposition rate
  • Only spraying material in wire form usable

Advantages :
  • High melting: up to > 20kg/h
  • High adhesion
  • Low operating expenses
  • Very rough coatings producible

Application :
  • Repair and wear protection
  • Protection against corrosion for bigger components or thick coatings > 1.0mm