Thermal spraying is closely associated with the field of materials science. Thus, processes at the interfaces of the layer itself can be accessed by spraying on the molecular level, which influence the macroscopic layer properties, such as adhesion, hardness, residual stress, and corrosion resistance.

An accurate understanding of these processes enables us to develop customized solutions for challenging applications.

Scientific approach allows us to find the best possible combination of material compositions, spray technology and spray parameters.

Changes in process parameters often lead to changes in the layer properties. To control this interaction during a solid industrial process, profound knowledge in materials science is necessary which we guarantee by the experience and qualification of our employees.

By regular further education and seminars our expert Prof. Bobzin significantly contributes to scientific work. Our engineers and scientists are held on the cutting edge of scientific research by the dedication of Prof. Bobzin and thereby gain a deep understanding of theory and practice.