A particular advantage of thermal spraying is that a very wide range of materials can be applied inexpensively. The usual layer thickness is between 50 microns and 2500 microns. Mainly metals, metal alloys or ceramic coatings are applied, but plastics such as Teflon can be applied as well. There are almost unlimited varieties of substrates that can be coated (metals, non-metals, and plastics). Our coatings can be realized for a variety of applications for a variety of industries.

The limits of the possible are constantly expanding. Therefore, more and more combinations of materials are possible. We are able to combine layer solutions with partially contradictory properties - e.g. electrical contact areas and conductor tracks made of copper or aluminum on an electrically insulating layer of aluminum oxide.

Developing new coating solutions, a detailed understanding of the interaction between the properties of the materials and the coating processes are required. To achieve that, our engineers and scientists work together as a team. In this way we bring many new ideas to the market and thanks to our years of experience we are extremely fast in developing.

Thanks to our close cooperation with suppliers of spray materials we have unlimited access to almost all materials. We are able to develop completely new combinations of coating materials in a very short time.